Truck GPS: Garmin Vs Rand McNally

Truckers often follow the unique tastes for their road accessories but the essential thing that none of them should miss to buy is Truck GPS unit. This tiny device helps them to get best directions on strange roads so that they can reach their destination without facing any trouble. The advanced GPS systems can help truckers to stay up to date about upcoming dangers related to traffic conditions, bridges, load guidelines and weather estimations. It is much easier to stay tuned to the point of interest with a high-quality truck GPS unit.

Most of the brands are launching their upgraded models for truck GPS but the two big names are still maintaining their popularity among buyers. Yeah! We are talking about Garmin and Rand McNally. Both these companies are trading the service gold medal for several years but when making a selection for purchase, most of the truckers will find it little complicated to choose one. No doubt they have so many competitive features but actually, there are few small differences that can help you to pick the deciding factor.

Here we are going to do a comparison based on some of their top-rated units:

Rand McNally recently launched TND 740 in May 2017. This product is featured with a quad-core processor that ensures high-speed operation, huge internal storage, and all-around service capabilities. On the other side, Garmin came up with Dezl 770 LMTHD having 7 inch HD screen that assists in hands-free navigation. Here we are listing few pros and cons of both devices that can help buyers to make estimates about how both these brands present their GPS units and what are the small considerable difference factors.

rand mcnally vs garmin

Pros of Rand McNally TND 740:

  • It is designed with ELD
  • The audio can be transferred directly to truck speakers so that drivers can find everything clear and loud.
  • Affordable price range.

garmin vs rand mcnally

Pros of Garmin Dezl 770 LMTHD:

  • It is designed to serve with hands-free using voice-based navigation feature.
  • Landmark-based path search so that most appropriate route can be obtained.
  • You can enjoy Bluetooth based calling.
  • This truck GPS system has dash cam along with incident recording facility.

Cons of Rand McNally TND 740:

  • Few truckers have reported that Rand McNally TND 740 GPS unit face sudden troubles on the way. The screen simply turns black and takes too much time to switch on.
  • This device is also too sensitive to vibrations caused by truck movements.

Cons of Garmin Dezl 770 LMTHD:

  • Some truckers report that sometimes this Garmin GPS respond very bad for routing information by just saying “Truck Accessibility Unknown”.

After going through these simple details of both products it is clearly understood that both face few troubles but when we look at the features then Garmin appears loaded with all awesome capabilities. The price ranges for both brands are almost comparable but most of the devices of Garmin appear more budget friendly.