Top 3 Best GPS for Truckers

GPS tools are indispensable tools for truckers as they often need to travel from one city to another and mostly to places that they have never visited before. When a high-quality GPS system is installed in the truck, it may help truckers to find their destination with ease. Although the market is loaded with several advanced GPS units, selection for best purchase may become a little difficult task. Here we are going to talk about top 3 best GPS for truckers. Probably, this information may help you to find the best deal for your traveling needs.

  1. Garmin 770 LMTHD

Garmin DEZL 770LMTHD ReviewThere are many good reasons to keep Garmin 770 LMTHD at first rank. This GPS system comes with a 7-inch crisp glass screen display along with full touch control facility. Its advanced Wi-Fi capabilities make it best choice for truckers. How can we forget to talk about audio? That is definitely incredible so that drivers can find exact roadmap even when they are traveling in noisy traffic zone. You will get all turn by turn directions with loud and clear voice. The best thing to know about this advanced GPS system is that it provides customized guidelines based on best driving rout for your truck as per its overall weight and size. While ensuring perfect rout details towards your destination; Garmin 770 LMTHD will also provide you time to time route warnings based on sharp turns, bridge heights, and weight limits. It also knows details about best eating spots on the way. Garmin provides free lifetime traffic information, maps and weather reports of Canada, Mexico and USA with its product.


  1. Rand McNally 730

Rand MCNALLY TND 730 ReviewRand McNally is ready to impress buyers with its customized routing features that can help truckers to get best details about the most convenient route to their destination. Its intelligent routing mechanism can estimate the toll costs for your route and will find out the best path to save your money. The second important feature of Rand McNally 730 is its ability to organize your address book and POIs. The fact is that most of the truckers find it quite difficult to manage their long address books and they go unorganized with time. But Rand McNally 730 can help you to access your address details fast with few simple clicks. The advanced tracking system installed in Rand McNally 730 makes it highly suitable for truckers as they can access 3D information of all streets as well as roadways.


  1. Sygic Truck App

Sygic Truck GPS App ReviewSygic Truck App is an advanced GPS navigation app that can provide complete information about routes with its realistic 3D maps. It does precise and highly accurate rout mapping and can help truckers to reach their destination with least disturbance on the way. The system is pretty straightforward with interactive navigation menu with the optimized interface. It can easily identify the best roads that are suitable for trucks, buses, and RVs. Truckers can also avail time to time information about several points of interest like gas stations, parking places, and hotels etc. The best thing to know about Sygic Truck App is that it works fully offline; you need to connect it to the internet just at the time of initial rout installation then it can provide complete information even without active internet connection.