Sygic Truck GPS App Review

If you don’t want to buy a dedicated GPS unit and wish to use your smartphone to deal with the situation then Sygic Truck App is here to extend complete help. Many professionals find it little difficult to handle dedicated GPS units and at the same time, it looks like an additional expense for beginners. In such case, the smartphone-based GPS apps are a great choice because they can provide better assistance for on-road updates.

Sygic Truck GPS App Review

Here you will get detailed information about Sygic Truck App. Keep reading the review below; hopefully, it will help you to make an easy decision about your next purchase.

Incredible features of Sygic Truck App:

Those who own a mobile phone with decent screen display and added GPS support can definitely take maximum benefits from Sygic Truck App. This app is designed especially to meet all travel requirements of professional truckers. It comes with a lifetime license and buyers can also enjoy free map updates for first three years with all information related to truck restrictions and POIs. The best thing to know about Sygic Truck App is its ability to stay updated with latest map information so it can work well even when not connected to the internet. Sygic has enabled this app with frequent map updates so you will be able to get everything with few swipes on your device screen.

All the maps are loaded with a 3D view so that truckers can avail efficient route guidelines with proper lane updates. It also allows drivers to get customized details as per weight, length, and height and axle load of the vehicle. Indeed, it will help you to stay away from roads that are not suitable for your large vehicle. One can also set up route details with multiple waypoints that help in efficient route scheduling with easy loading and unloading assistance. Also, truckers can avail real-time traffic updates while avoiding delays on the way so that you can save time, fuel and money as well. It will help you to stay away from unwanted traffic jams and accidents. The flexible customization options male everything much easier for truckers.


  • Efficient road guidelines with updates regarding restrictions on the way.
  • Offline map service with free updates.
  • 3d map guidance that makes everything easier.
  • Customized route plan based on various truck parameters like weight, height, size, and load.
  • Multipoint loading and unloading setup.
  • Real-time traffic updates with road condition information.
  • Advanced fleet management system.


  • Not yet found.

The Bottom Line:

It is definitely a great idea to get complete GPS based guidelines on your mobile phone without making an expensive purchase for dedicated GPS units. Sygic Truck App is designed to serve professional truckers with simple and trustworthy road information updates and the real-time traffic guidelines make travel experience much better. With all such incredible features, it can be rated as a must buy the product for all truckers. It is good to place your order for Sygic Truck App as soon as possible.