Soft Vs Hard Coolers: What is the Difference?

All coolers are not created to serve with a similar operation. They vary in design, features, and service. So, while making a selection for a new cooler for your truck, it is good to go through the detailed comparison to find the most appropriate system. Here we are going to talk two most common types of coolers: The soft coolers and hard coolers. Keep reading the details below to know which one will suit your needs.

Soft Coolers:

Roadpro 12-Volt Soft Sided Cooler ReviewThey are popular for their lightweight, compact size, and easy portability. Soft coolers often include a soft strap with a package that assists buyers to carry it smoothly. The size of cooler varies from model to model but the major concern is to make it portable. Generally, these soft coolers are designed to serve for storage of up 6 to 36 cans; when the size grows bigger than manufacturers make special arrangements for their portability by adding strap or handles as per need.

When compared to hard side coolers, soft coolers use to have thinner insulation that ranges somewhere between a ½ inch and 1 inch only. Most of these coolers are able to maintain ice solid for almost 24 hours and the tightly sealed designed can even offer longer service. Note that as this cooler is known to have softer sides, it clearly doesn’t mean that it is weak. Most of these coolers are finished with vinyl or canvas material that makes them highly durable while decaying the puncture or leakage issues. Soft coolers are more suited for smaller groups for their day out as they use to have limited storage space inside.

Hard Coolers:

Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler ReviewHard coolers are pricey as compared to soft coolers but at the same time, they are highly durable. Hard coolers work like long-term easy to handle cooling solutions so larger groups will find the best choice to enjoy long trips. When compared to soft coolers, they use to be heavy so cannot be considered ideal choice for portability but, most of the manufacturers create them with wheels so that they can travel easily. Hard coolers use to have huge storage space, they can handle 12 to 80 cans with ease. They are also an ideal choice for storing meals for the whole family.

The sides of hard coolers use to be thick enough where pressure injected foam insulation make its walls thick by almost 2 to 4 inches. They also have special insulation arrangement on bottoms and lids. These coolers excel in terms of durability but users report that they can often face leakage issues. The best idea while buying a hard cooker is to check material at its interiors as well as exteriors. Hard coolers appear the best choice for hunters, fishers and camping needs. With all such facilities, the hard coolers become a pricey option when compared to the soft coolers.

You can pick any one of these depending upon your needs; they can serve well for years as per their targeted service range.