Roadpro 12-Volt Soft Sided Cooler Review

Roadpro has launched several products into the market and they have gained a great response from buyers. Manufacturers in this company pay more attention to needs of buyers that is why they have designed the product to impress truckers, home owners, and the picnic lovers. Here we are going to talk about one latest cooler from Roadpro; most of you might be ready to buy a new cooler from the market but before that prefer to have a look at this detailed review of Roadpro 12-Volt Soft Sided Cooler.

Roadpro 12-Volt Soft Sided Cooler Review

 Features of Roadpro 12-Volt Soft Sided Cooler:

Roadpro 12-Volt Soft Sided Cooler is loved by most of the buyers for its personal touch that looks appealing. The power cord can be detached for easy storage and the unit becomes convenient to carry. It takes only 4-ampere current from the supply with 36-watt power rating so you can ensure energy conservation. That means it takes power same as your cigarette lighter so you can ensure great service for the long run.

If we talk about dimensions then Roadpro 12-Volt Soft Sided Cooler is somewhere around 10.25x15x11 inches and the overall weight of this product is 3lbs. That means it takes very less space in your vehicle so that always stay with you like the best travel companion. People love this cooler more because of its ability to maintain cooling inside for a long time even after unplugging it. It takes 12 volt supply from your vehicle and provides enough space for snacks, meals, and drinks. Medical professionals also prefer to use this cooler for storing medicines. You will be glad to know that this equipment can also work with 110 volt home supply. The heat transfer technology ensures side effect free cooling of all beverages so that users can always stay tuned to great health.


  • It can hold almost 24 cans of 12 oz capacity.
  • The power consumption is rating around 48 watts with the 4-ampere current.
  • It can maintain a temperature around 25 degrees F below the ambient temperature.
  • Compact and light weight unit that can be easily carried from one place to another.
  • Designed with an adjustable shoulder strap so that you can carry it with ease.


  • People find it little difficult to clean.


If you are searching for a soft sided cooler that can go with you on your long journeys without creating a mess in your vehicle then Roadpro 12-Volt Soft Sided Cooler is probably the best choice for your needs. This cooler has been sued by several truckers till now and they love the way it keeps everything cool inside at perfect temperature. The best thing to know is that it can maintain a cool temperature inside even after unplugging so that your drinks and food can stay well. All these features make this cooler a must buy the product for truckers. It is good to go online and order your product right now to avail fast delivery at your door step.