Rand McNally TND Tablet Review

When compared to average GPS system, Rand McNally TND Tablet shows much-advanced performance with a rich set of features. This commercial GPS unit is designed to serve truckers with most satisfying driving experience with the best set of road guidelines and navigation assistance. The combination of user-friendly features makes this device more useful for truckers as it serves like all in one source of entertainment and information.

Rand McNally TND Tablet Review

If you are about to invest in a Truck GPS system to make your rides safe and easy then it is good to have a look at the review below. Probably it will help you to make a satisfactory purchase.

Incredible Features of Rand McNally TND Tablet:

This super slim device can give you a feeling of sturdiness without even appearing bulky. It has an 8-inch display screen with 1280×800 crisp detailing and the anti-glare cover makes it more suitable for ensuring effortless visibility even in bright light. Rand McNally TND Tablet is designed with Cortex A7 processor that has 16GB internal memory and 1GB RAM. The great news for buyers is that its powerful battery can serve them continuously for 6 hours even with a single charge. The package includes a vehicle charger, as well as a wall charger and the device, has additional useful ports like 3.5mm audio jack, Micro SD slot, Micro USB and Mini HDMI port.

This GPS enabled tablet is loaded with standard reporting and logging features so that business owners can maintain all driving logs with ease. The 5 MP rear camera enables mobile scanning feature whereas the well-designed software suite ensures perfect track of scheduling, accounting, and email. The most interesting thing to know about Rand McNally TND Tablet is that it is loaded with Android operating system that can be easily paired up with Google Play. It can help you to stream videos directly from the internet. Indeed, it serves as a most efficient source of entertainment and ensures higher productivity by all means. Rand McNally TND Tablet can help you to avail all traffic-related updates on the go along with the notifications related to point of interest. It is easier to operate and ensures fast communication with interactive screen menu.


  • Anti-glare screen ensures easy viewing capabilities even in bright light.
  • Best choice for business owners as they can manage their trucks with ease.
  • Huge memory space.
  • All in one information and entertainment package.
  • Advanced accounting and scheduling service.
  • Long battery life.


  • Expensive option.

The Bottom Line:

There is no doubt to say that Rand McNally TND Tablet is loaded with lots of advanced features that make it suitable for truckers. It can make your journey full of entertainment while ensuring easy access to road information. The device is a little bit expensive but you will definitely find it impressive with all incredible features. It is good to place your order online and it will soon be available at your doorstep.