Rand McNally TND 740 Review

Rand MCNALLY TND 740 is designed to serve people in the commercial trucking sector. This GPS system is designed with advanced route planning abilities, efficient processing power, and much more. But if you are planning to buy a GPS product for your long hour journeys then, first of all, it is good to go through the review below. It will help you to collect all details about this latest GPS system and soon you will be able to make a decision about whether it suits your requirement or not.

Rand McNally TND 740 Review

Incredible Features of Rand MCNALLY TND 740:

People love this device for its exterior simplicity but they find it a little bit annoying due to its interior complexity. The device is all about a touch screen, you will not find any button to press and the mounting system is magnetic hold type that appears too poor for long bumpy journeys.

Manufacturers claim that it can collect route information at higher speed with its tech-savvy design. But in order to access that information, users need to keep this GPS system connected to external Wi-Fi all the time. It does not allow users to change their route information on the way so you may have to load everything at beginning of your ride. Rand MCNALLY TND 740 is rated high for its fast rescheduling if it finds any trouble on road ahead. The display provides access to several types of information but the information appears quite small that users may find it little difficult to read what exactly it wants to say. This GPS system can create a burden on your pocket with its higher price tag.


  • Equipped with highly efficient and fast processor.
  • Rand MCNALLY TND 740 has huge memory space so store all assigned task details.
  • This GPS unit comes with a wide set of Rand McNally software.
  • The map keeps on updating automatically.
  • It is capable enough to plan complex routes based on desired information related to fuel, food and traffic hazards.
  • Can display multiple types of details simultaneously.
  • Provides time to time warning about steep hills, sharp curves, and other road hazards.


  • If the ride becomes bumpy then it may fall off due to lose control of magnet.
  • It displays very small text on the screen.

The Bottom Line:

Although Rand MCNALLY TND 740 is loaded with several useful features, it also companies few troubles in performance. This GPS system is not suitable for bumpy rides and it also demands continuous connection with WI-FI to collect route information. Moreover, the price tag is too surprising with an amount of $400; the fact is that you can find many high-end units in the market with the lesser price range. Even if you have enough budget then also there is no point to invest in such a device that cannot stand stable on your long hour journey; before making a decision to buy, prefer to look at few other comparative product reviews.