Rand MCNALLY TND 730 Review

Manufacturers are well aware of the fact that truckers need advanced and most reliable solutions for their route navigation needs. Although there are so many GPS units available in the market, today we have picked Rand MCNALLY TND 730 for review. This device is gaining huge popularity among truckers due to its incredible features that make it the best choice for budget-friendly purchase.

Rand MCNALLY TND 730 Review

Users reveal that Rand MCNALLY TND 730 is not just a route mapping unit rather it serves well for needs of every trucker on the road. Keep reading the details below to find the best information about this latest GPS device.

Incredible Features of Rand MCNALLY TND 730:

Many buyers keep on asking, what makes Rand MCNALLY TND 730 unique when loads of GPS units are available in the market. The best answer to this question is its incredible Wi-Fi support that keeps it connected with mobile phones so that all notifications about traffic, map, weather and even fuel price can appear on the go. This GPS system is designed with a crisp display having an overall weight of 11.7 ounces with 7.3×0.8×4.5 inch dimension. The product package includes quick start guide, USB cable, vehicle charger, windshield mount along with a suction cup and the navigator.

Rand MCNALLY TND 730 is well known for its ability to bring out fast route information on the go and the video input helps users to keep it connected with the backup camera. This GPS system can also provide you lane guidelines by comparing all lifetime maps, toll information, and route cost etc. Indeed, it will help you to change the route to convenient direction if it expects huge traffic ahead. Rand MCNALLY TND 730 comes with 1-year limited warranty.


  • Works with advanced search function where POIs make it much easier to access parking information at different landmarks on the way.
  • Solid GPS system featured with lifetime map upgrades.
  • You will find it much easier to navigate with its responsive screen.
  • The weather updates provided by Rand MCNALLY TND 730 used to be highly accurate.
  • It has large bright and visible screen.
  • This GPS system is loaded with simple and interactive programs.
  • The video input allows users to connect this GPS unit with a backup


  • Rand MCNALLY TND 730 does not include the live traffic update facility.
  • The mounting hardware does not feature quick release function.
  • It freezes sometimes and users need to restart it to navigate again.

The Bottom Line:

For all professional truckers, Rand MCNALLY TND 730 appear a perfect navigator with a durable design and wide set of features. When compared to Garmin DEZL, Rand MCNALLY TND 730 assists users to control their destination details as per need. The system map is updated on the go with the help of Wi-Fi and users can view all the details with sharp and crisp information on its superior graphics display unit. If you are planning to pick a durable and solid GPS system for your long journeys then it is good to invest on Rand MCNALLY TND 730.