Rand McNally TND 530 Review

Rand McNally is popular for its high-quality GPS products that provide complete assistance to truckers on the way. Rand McNally TND 530 GPS Unit is one of the recently launched devices with advanced user interface and active software updates. It helps truckers to avail complete assistance for long distance journeys with the fast processing unit.

Rand McNally TND 530 Review

If you are searching for an advanced GPS unit that can guide you with all points of interest on your journey then it is good to go through the review below. These details will help you to make an easy decision about your next purchase.

Incredible features of Rand McNally TND 530 GPS Unit:

Once you program your device for specific route then it will automatically bring you all essential details about your journey. Truckers will be able to get complete details about travel time, road construction, and gas prices. The most beneficial thing is that it can calculate information about estimated costs of tolls on the way and will route you to the most beneficial path. Rand McNally TND 530 GPS unit will also provide you speed limit alerts, warnings about sharp turns, road construction, time zone shifts, rest areas and weigh stations. It is possible to feed multi-stop information into this GPS unit and the details can also be modified by the user on the way.

Truckers find Rand McNally TND 530 GPS Unit more useful for their needs because it generates 3D junction view for your on-road site displays. It displays clean and clear graphics so that driver can stay tuned to exact information. The Hours of Service feature can be activated or deactivated by trucker as per their need. Also, the durable and rugged design of this advanced GPS unit makes it suitable for bumpy roads.


  • It enables local search facility so that truckers can find information about local businesses, restaurants etc by keywords.
  • It can display fuel prices on screen and you can make selections as per fuel type, price, and brand.
  • Truckers can route this GPS unit up to 50 stops on the way.
  • Comes with a virtual dashboard that can keep updates about mileage.
  • Displays information about traffic, road maintenance alerts, and service notifications.
  • On duty timer can be activated.
  • Rand McNally TND 530 GPS Unit keeps on displaying mile markers and 3D view of lanes to manage driving on complex interchange points.


  • It takes almost 5 minutes to get GPS signal when powered on.
  • Few users report that it freezes on the way and sometimes keep on displaying error messages.

The Bottom Line:

Rand McNally TND 530 GPS Unit is loaded with lots of advanced features that make it suitable for country rides with safe path indications. It has been used by several truckers till now and they find it useful but the freezing issue makes it little annoying. If you need a budget-friendly solution for your long distance journeys then probably Rand McNally TND 530 GPS Unit can serve your needs.