One20 Truck Driver GPS Review

One20 Truck Driver GPS is a solid companion for truckers as it can manage the routing information very well. Samsung is well known for its high-quality electronic gadgets and most of the buyers trust this brand. You will be happy to hear that One20 Truck Driver GPS is powered by At&T network and it can optimize your routes very well while maintaining live updates about weather conditions, food points, fuel stations, and hotels etc. This handy device is designed to serve truckers with all useful information updates so that they can enjoy rides on most suitable roads and can reach a destination on time. One20 Truck Driver GPS can optimize all long-distance journeys very well. Go through the review below to collect useful details about this truck GPS system.

One20 Truck Driver GPS Review

Incredible Features of One20 Truck Driver GPS:

This Tab E is rated high for its reliability, longevity and Android operating system based feature updates. It makes everything much easier to download and the huge RAM space with fast processing unit allows optimal services. Indeed, it can run at top speed on your long journeys so that you can reach your destination on time. One of the biggest benefits of using One20 Truck Driver GPS for long distance journeys is that it can manage a huge database with easy access to real-time information. Truckers can avail fast updates about road restrictions, low bridge warnings and load limits as per truck size. It means you can switch to a most appropriate path without wasting money and time with inconvenience on the road.

This device can maintain easy access to all useful applications from Google. Truckers can download facebook, twitter and many other useful apps to stay connected with their family and friends. It also improves access to Gmail and Skype while ensuring easy access to streaming services via YouTube, Hulu and Netflix, It means One20 Truck Driver GPS is not only a GPS tracker rather it serves like full package loaded with entertainment, fun, and information.


  • It is a solid Samsung Tab-E with 8-inch screen and 16 GB capacity.
  • It comes with the preloaded ONE20 app as well as maps so that truckers can stay connected to all useful tools and deals.
  • Free and safe turn by turn navigation.
  • Comes with high power suction mount, chargers, cables and protective case.
  • One20 Truck Driver GPS is known for its dependable AT&T LTE network that is fast enough.
  • Easy connectivity to Google Play so that truckers can get their personal apps with ease.
  • Simple to use with easy installation.


  • Considerably expensive unit.

The Bottom Line:

One20 Truck Driver GPS is a superior system for truckers as it can handle a large amount of data while maintaining easy road tracking information. The package comes with all useful accessories that can help you to maintain good control on your rides and it can also deal with your entertainment needs. It is good to invest in such a trustworthy brand to have joyful services for the long run.