Magellan RC9485 Review

Magellan started its business in 1986 and today this company is one of the biggest GPS sellers in the world. People trust their technology and believe that Magellan devices can update the most accurate road guidelines. Whether you drive a car, bike or truck, this GPS system can always ensure you accurate track information towards your destination. They have launched several GPS units into the market but here we are going to talk about Magellan RC9485. It is rated high for its incredible feature set and easy to handle software features.

Magellan RC9485 Review

Keep reading the review below, probably it will help you to make a fast decision about your next GPS purchase.

Incredible Features of Magellan RC9485:

Magellan RC9485 is designed to serve truckers with exceptional connectivity and real-time data transfer feature. Truckers can update this device with hours of service so that it can stay active when they are driving and move to rest mode when its sleep time. Indeed, this GPS unit is quite handy and assists truckers to create customized roadmaps to reach their destination with ease. The advanced technology helps to keep proper track about IFTA mileage so that one can save more time. Drivers can also update information as per multiple destination stoppages.

The Bluetooth technology along with microphone helps truckers to enjoy easy direction updates while maintaining complete focus on road. The system is loud and clear enough to enhance the driving experience. It is compatible with Wi-Fi, smartphones, Android and other mobile devices so truckers can avail easy access to all information updates. The active detailing about weather reports, weigh stations and fuel points make it more useful for routine long-distance drivers. The best thing to know about Magellan RC9485 is its ability to maintain an address book, customizable geo reminders, lifetime map, and traffic updates.


  • It is designed to serve users with multiple driver log-in abilities so that they can manage easy updates over HOS, track hours, driving status and IFTA fuel logging.
  • Assists truckers to get customized road information based on length, width, height and hazmat restrictions.
  • Magellan RC9485 can be loaded with multiple stop details to avail efficient route information.
  • You will be able to get free traffic alerts for a lifetime with precise travel time details while avoiding tolls and jams on the way.
  • Truckers can avail landmark based guidance for their route.
  • Complex highways can be navigated with ease as it keeps on updating about appropriate lane guidelines.
  • The integrated Bluetooth unit makes it compatible with other devices.


  • Expensive unit.

The Bottom Line:

There is no doubt to say that Magellan RC9485 is loaded with all high-end features that can make ride trouble free. This GPS unit has been used by so many truckers till now and they are satisfied with its incredible service. You will find it your best companion for your long journeys. It is definitely a good idea to purchase Magellan RC9485 as soon as possible.