Koolatron – Fun Kool 26-Quart 12V Portable Cooler Review

Portable Coolers are one of the essential accessories for truckers as they need to carry it to their long hour journeys. There are several big brands that have launched series of cooler products into the market to attract homeowners and travelers. There are few designs that are multiple purposes that mean they can be used with DC supply of vehicle and with AC supply at home also. If you are also searching for such type of cooler then it is good to go through the detailed review of Koolatron – Fun Kool 26-Quart 12V Portable Cooler. The details below can help you to make decision about whether you should spend on this product or not.

Koolatron - Fun Kool 26-Quart 12V Portable Cooler Review

Features of Koolatron – Fun Kool 26-Quart 12V Portable Cooler:

Koolatron – Fun Kool 26-Quart 12V Portable Cooler is a simple to use and handy cooler that can serve users for the long run with its sturdy construction. The maximum capacity of this portable cooler is 26 Quarts so it can store almost 31 cans each having 12 oz capacity. Other than this you can also store some beverages and food items in this cooler. The advanced Thermoelectric cooling technology of Koolatron – Fun Kool 26-Quart 12V Portable Cooler initiates cooling action with 36 degrees setting below the ambient temperature. It means your snacks and beverages can stay cool during your long hour journey.

This product becomes the best buy choice because of its 12 Volt outlet that can also be converted into an AC adapter so that users can connect it with their 110 Volt AC supply at home. Manufacturers know the portability needs of buyers so they have created this product to ensure easy access on the go. The overall dimension of this cooler is 17.25x16x11.5 inches with a maximum weight of 11 pounds. Users can remove its lid without affecting the cooling operation inside. The flip up type locking handle makes it easy to carry whereas the lightweight design makes it suitable for kids also. The storage apartment is well managed and it can handle everything in properly organized manner.


  • Can carry 31 cans at a time.
  • It can be used with 12 volt DC outlets as well as with 110 volt home supply.
  • This product comes with an easy to remove the lid.
  • Lightweight and compact design improve portability.
  • Well organized storage apartment.


  • Limited warranty.


Koolatron – Fun Kool 26-Quart 12V Portable Cooler can serve truckers with ease as it can handle enough beverages and food items for their long hour journeys. This cooler has been used by many truckers till now and it has received great response from the market. The compact size, well-organized space and sturdy handle make this cooler best choice for all buyers. Koolatron holds a great reputation in the market and it has a huge satisfied customer base so it is definitely a good idea to spend on this trustworthy product. It can serve you well.