Koolatron 8 qt. Traveller lll Cooler (12-Volt) Review

Koolatron Coolers find several applications in the market due to their portable design and well-organized storage space. They are generally used for transporting heat sensitive prescriptions, medicines, various photographic materials and also to keep beverages and food items cool. These coolers are the best companion for truckers as they can maintain perfect cooling for their eatables on the way. Here we are going to talk about Koolatron 8 qt. Traveller lll Cooler (12-Volt) that is dedicated for an individual traveler with its limited storage space. Go through the review below to collect details about all essential features of this popular product.

Koolatron 8 qt. Traveller lll Cooler (12-Volt) Review

Features of Koolatron 8 qt. Traveller lll Cooler (12-Volt):

This electric cooler can keep your eatables cool for long journeys so that you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere. There is no need to search for a market where you can buy cool beverages during your journey because this cooler can maintain the perfect temperature inside its storage space so that you can ensure hunger free traveling hours.

Koolatron 8 qt. Traveller lll Cooler (12-Volt) is made up of high-quality plastic material that ensures a long life service with a strong finish. The non-toxic and the lead-free material ensure safe usage so users need not to worry about any health issue. It has maximum space of 8 qt that means it can hold 9 cans having 12 Oz capacity each. The temperature range goes below 40 degrees when compared to outer environment that means if you are travelling in 70 degrees F temperature range than the beverages inside your cooler will stay at somewhere around 30 degrees F. This cooler is designed with hinged lids that make it highly functional whereas the sturdy design makes it highly reliable for your routines. This product has been tested by several truckers till now and they find it best choice for their journeys as it takes very less space in their vehicle and can be managed with ease. The overall dimension of Koolatron 8 qt. Traveller lll Cooler (12-Volt) is 10.4×11.9×14.6 inches whereas the maximum weight is 7lb only. You will be glad to know that it can also be used on 110 Volt home supply with the help of an AC adapter.


  • It is the best product for the individual traveler.
  • Can be easily powered up with a 12-volt outlet present in vehicles.
  • Koolatron 8 qt. Traveller lll Cooler (12-Volt) can also be used at home with AC adapter that can make it suitable for 110 volt supply.
  • It can keep content cool by 40 degrees F as compared to ambient temperature.
  • Maximum capacity is 8 qt that means it can hold 9 cans of 12 oz.
  • Easy to use and simple installation.


  • It has limited storage space.


If you often prefer to travel alone then Koolatron 8 qt. Traveller lll Cooler (12-Volt) can serve your needs well at reasonable price range. It is the right time to book your product online and it will be delivered soon at your door step.