How To Connect Your Bluetooth Headset To A Mobile Phone

The Bluetooth headset is an absolute necessary for people who are outdoor, travelling for long hours or driving. These are lightweight accessories allowing the users to receive and disconnect calls without having to touch the mobile phone. This allows you to maintain communication with others everywhere without any interruption or the need of bearing the traditional messy wired headsets.

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Read on this short guide on how connect Bluetooth headset to mobile easily and keep going as you continue to talk to others.

Step 1: Charge Your Mobile Handset and the Bluetooth Headset

You must charge the mobile phone and the headset 100% to ensure receiving clear signals for long duration outdoors.

Step 2: Adjust the Mobile Device Settings to Enable Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Turn on your mobile phone
  • From the ‘Menu’, open the ‘Settings’ window
  • Select the option- ‘Wireless and Networks’
  • Choose Bluetooth Settings
  • Enable the Bluetooth by hitting the On/Off checkbox

Step 3: Set Up the Bluetooth Headset for Connecting to Your Mobile Phone

  • Place the Bluetooth headset near the mobile phone and turn it on
  • Put your Bluetooth headset on the ‘Discoverable Mode’/ ‘Pairing Mode’
  • Now choose the option- ‘Scan for Devices’ on the Bluetooth settings of your mobile phone
  • When you see the headset on the device list, tap on the headset option to enable it and connect to the mobile phone
  • Enter the PIN number if you are prompted to do so (generally 0000)

Note: Keep the device connected using the above-mentioned steps and Bluetooth feature turned on, to keep receiving all calls on the Bluetooth headset.

The instructions for setting up the mobile phone for connectivity with a Bluetooth headset is almost the same for all mobile devices as stated above.

If you still have problems with the settings, read the manual of your mobile phone/ headset carefully.


Things to Remember When Using Bluetooth Headsets

  1. Adjust the Bluetooth Settings on the Mobile Device

You must enable the Bluetooth feature on your mobile properly following the steps above to receive the signals properly on the headset.

  1. Keep the Phone near the Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets find best usage when you are driving a vehicle. Your phone should be close to the Bluetooth headset within a range of 5 ft to receive proper signal.

  1. Charge Your Device and Accessories

You must maintain 100% charge on your mobile handset as well Bluetooth headset to avoid disruption when talking.

  1. Using the Bluetooth Headset for Long Can Drain Mobile Battery Quickly

The Bluetooth headset is a compatible device for those who are driving for too long. If you need to attend too many calls while driving, ensure to carry a fully charged power bank along to avoid running out of mobile battery.

Wrapping Up,

Now that you are completely ready with your Bluetooth featured mobile phone and headset, following the above-mentioned guide, get going with hands free mobile phone usage while working, exercising and on a long drive without breaking communication with the near ones.