Generic DC12V ABS Mini Truck Compact Refrigerator Review

When the market is already loaded with so many competitive products then it becomes quite difficult to make a decision about a purchase. The Same problem is reported by several truckers as they are not able to make right decisions about best refrigerators for their traveling needs. If you are also one of those then it is good to check reviews of few top rated products that can help you to collect idea about features and performance ability of a particular mini refrigerator. Here we are going to talk about Generic DC12V ABS Mini Truck Compact Refrigerator that is gaining huge popularity in the market due to its amazing features. Keep reading the review below to collect all essential details about this latest product in the market.

Generic DC12V ABS Mini Truck Compact Refrigerator Review

Features of Generic DC12V ABS Mini Truck Compact Refrigerator:

This mini car fridge is popular among buyers due to its two in one operation and environment-friendly design. You will be glad to know that this product can maintain the hot and cool temperature inside the container without causing any harm to the environment with noise, or another kind of pollution. Truckers have reported that it can easily carry their 6 soda cans and keep them at the desired temperature with stylish AC/DC cooling choices.

The overall dimension of this product is 8.35×13.15×11.57 inches whereas the weight goes up to 5.05 lbs. This compact size and lightweight design make this product useful enough for routine needs of truckers as well as for families when they plan to go for a picnic with kids. Generic is the well-known brand for its high-quality products and it rarely gets a negative response from buyers. This product is designed to serve all needs of truckers so that they can have a convenient solution on the way. All such features make this product best choice for buyers.


  • It serves two in one operation as a cooler and warmer and they can be adjusted with a simple switch.
  • Compact size that ensures enough space inside so that truckers can place almost 6 soda cans inside.
  • Easy to operate with the 12Volt outlet of vehicles whereas if you want to use it at home then it can be connected to 110Volt AC supply.
  • Appears the best choice for trucks, cars, camper, rooms, dorms, and offices.
  • Light in weight so appears portable enough.


  • The warranty is available only for 6 months; probably it is the biggest sad news for buyers.


If you are searching for a safe and easy to handle cooler cum warmer for your truck then Generic DC12V ABS Mini Truck Compact Refrigerator can serve you better for your needs. It is a fit to a budget solution that can ensure you enough space for storing beverages on the go. Generic offers best deals for buyers so you can ensure a safe purchase with this device but there is something to worry about the limited 6-month warranty. You can contact the customer support team to report troubles.