Garmin DEZL 760LMT Review

Garmin is the leader in the market of Truck GPS devices. This brand has gained great attention from buyers with a wide range of interactive features that make journeys much easier. Here we are going to talk about Garmin DEZL 760LMT GPS unit that can help you to get all details about the best possible path to reach your destination. It will help you to know which roads or highways will be most effective for you based on traffic updates, toll charges and availability of food, fuel etc.

Garmin DEZL 760LMT Review

There are so many interesting things to know about Garmin DEZL 760LMT; keep reading the review below to collect useful information about this well designed GPS unit.

Incredible Features of Garmin DEZL 760LMT:

Garmin DEZL 760LMT comes with a high-resolution screen having super shape with its 7-inch dimension. It can help you to avail fine details about every next turn on the road and at the same time, it provides easy access to additional information like weight restrictions, bridge height etc. Once you update information about your destination, it will start navigation with its super fast interface and truckers will be able to get information in form of screen signal as well as voice detailing. It will help you to get danger warnings on time like lateral winds, exit services, sharp turns and also about trucking special points.

Garmin allows users to enjoy lifetime traffic updates so that they can always stay tuned to safe traffic guidelines. The active weather updates are quite useful for with active details about speed limits. It can also assist you to maintain a proper track record of log books and tax materials. Some additional features include voice control commands, built-in microphone, Bluetooth, and Cyclops Speed Camera. Garmin DEZL 760LMT is also compatible with smartphones as well as a home computer where truckers can update everything with trip planner mode and then get the route downloaded directly on GPS screen. Indeed, it can help truckers to explore the whole country with ease.


  • It is designed to meet routine needs of truckers.
  • Can be customized as per the need of drivers.
  • Garmin DEZL 760LMT is designed with a 7-inch interactive display screen that keeps on reflect all details clearly to drivers.
  • Designed with advanced Bluetooth capabilities.
  • It can also work with voice commands.


  • It has short battery life.
  • The fuel tracking mechanism appears little complicated.
  • You will find its screen little annoying in bright sunlight.
  • Little bit expensive choice.

The Bottom Line:

Garmin is a well-trusted brand and all its products are designed to serve demands of professional truckers. If you often spend time on the road and need an easy to handle solution to get away to your new destinations then it is good to invest on Garmin DEZL 760LMT. This GPS module can make your journey full of fun and you will always get right guidelines about all critical road conditions so that safe journey can be ensured.