Cobra 8500 Review

GPS systems are most essential units for truckers. These tech-savvy devices make rides much easier and help truckers to reach their destinations on time. Although the market is loaded with so many GPS products from different brands, here we are going to talk about Cobra 8500. The best thing to know about Cobra 8500 is that it is designed by keeping truckers in mind so that it can address their all needs with ease. This 1×7.2×4.6 inch GPS unit comes with 7-inch widescreen that can display all details with a fine view.

cobra 8500 review

Incredible Features of Cobra 8500:

Cobra 8500 is capable enough to update all route details with accurate location updates. It is preloaded with fine maps and the lifetime map updates make it more suitable for truckers. Most of the truckers find these maps easy to read whereas the zoom feature makes it more informative for availing directions in side streets and town roads.

Truckers can get the path to their destination with its modern GPS capabilities that allow selections on the basis of address, coordinates, the point of interest and intersections. It also brings efficient alerts about traffic, weather, and construction so that route delays can be avoided. Commercial users will find it more useful as it updates road details with reference to truck weight and clearance limits. It comes with a handy Wi-Fi connectivity option that allows easy access to live updates and traffic alerts. Cobra 8500 can serve you with active mileage tracking and travel time updates while maintaining the log book with all details. The duty timer can keep track of all driving hours and it can also update alert signals about smooth transitions. You will be able to enjoy simple and intuitive user interface with this classic GPS module where multi-touch support assists in easy access. The simple navigation menus allow easy display during day and night as well. The launch menu button can help you to make all adjustments without facing any distractions on the way.


  • Cobra allows lifetime free updates for traffic and maps.
  • Launch menu makes it easy to handle.
  • Light in weight and compact unit.
  • Works with 12Volt charger included with the package.
  • Software makes everything simple on display screen.
  • This GPS unit can provide live traffic updates, weather details, and construction information so that drivers can route their path.
  • Maintains log book efficiently.


  • Little expensive.

The Bottom Line:

Cobra 8500 is a well priced GPS unit for all truckers. It can assist them all with easy navigation on tough roads where a wide range of functions makes things easier to access. Commercial drivers find this lightweight device more useful for their routine journeys. Further, the easy software updates with a full range of user data backup facilities assist in easy handling. There is no doubt to say that this attractive GPS module can make your journeys much easier with the solid detailing of complex routes. You will never face any trouble to reach your new destinations and it will also maintain records about all points of interest on the way. It is good to place your order online to buy this intuitive GPS unit.