Cobra 6500 Review

When you move out of home towards an unknown destination, then a GPS system works like the best companion. So many brands are launching their advanced GPS units these days and they are equipped with high-end features. Hence, it becomes little difficult for buyers to make a decision about their next purchase. If you are facing same trouble then it is good to go through the review below, probably you will find something useful for your budget-friendly deal.

Cobra 6500 review

Here we are going to talk about Cobra 6500 GPS unit that features advanced navigation system for truckers.

Incredible Features of Cobra 6500:

Cobra 6500 is designed with a highly interactive touch screen that is user-friendly and high-tech as well. It allows truckers to control all routes over the map with few swipes on the screen. In order to enjoy easier access to all settings, you can go through the drop-down menu. Cobra 6500 has been used by several truckers till now and it ensures complete assistance on the way for tech-savvy as well as tech avoidant personalities.

It keeps on updating information about traffic jams, closed roads and other hindrances on the way so that truckers can choose the most suitable path to reach their destination on time. Cobra 6500 is a lightweight GPS module that weights somewhere around a pound. It is finished with the portable design having overall dimensions of 3.30 x 5.30 inches that leads to maximum convenience and maneuverability. The crystal clear viewing capabilities of Cobra 6500 make it more useful for busy roads as truckers can avail easy guidelines about their track. You will be glad to know that this tiny GPS unit can keep track of mileage logs while ensuring right service timers. It can also help you with IFTA fuel tax alerts. Truckers find this system easier to install and its rechargeable lithium ion battery will help you to use it so long.


  • Easy to install and simple to use.
  • Can update traffic info for free, no need to pay any subscription fee.
  • Ensures time to time IFTA fuel tax alerts.
  • Powerful rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Better screen resolution that leads to efficient display.
  • Advanced mapping technology.
  • Ensures crystal clear viewing experience.
  • Budget-friendly GPS unit.


  • Better for tech-savvy people, others may find things little complicated on its screen.

The Bottom Line:

There are lots of benefits that you can enjoy with Cobra 6500 GPS unit. It is designed to satisfy truckers with satisfactory road navigation assistance so that they can find their way to touch destinations with ease. This portable and handy piece of technology can solve your purpose of pathfinding on long journeys. It can deliver you all traffic updates even without any pack subscription and the services continue for a lifetime. Probably, this is a must buy the product for truckers with lots of incredible features. Prefer to place your order not on the internet and it will be delivered at your doorstep.