Are Bluetooth Headsets Safe?

Radio transmitting gadget is a dilemma to prioritize between your health and necessity. Bluetooth headphones are extremely important if you are making a call while working, amidst the heavy schedules and routines. We have a constant fear of facing dangers of health due to using a radio transmitting gadget. But for your kind of information you are safer than you think! This article will explain to you why it is much less dangerous to use Bluetooth headsets.

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Safer, But How?

This new technology is designed primarily to allow the wireless devices to be connected to every device easily. Gadgets like Wi-Fi and cell phones transmit signal waves from a source that is kilometers away. On contrary Bluetooth radiations are limited within a kilometer from the source. It transmits within an arms distance. It is almost like it can barely reach your pockets. Scientists have claimed that these emit quite lower level of radio frequency that is almost 200 times lesser than compared to cell phones which poses much less health hazard to its users. Scientists have further assured that they have failed to strike any relationship of cancer with the usage of Bluetooth headsets. This is particularly important to be mentioned as it is strongly believed that these gadgets are quite instrumental as a casual factor to this situation. So, if you are using a cell phone it is better to use a headset as it will help you to create a distance from creating a direct harm to your body. But it is also to be noted that there must be a limitation in this usage because excessive exposure to anything will have its consequences.

Negative Consequences

All wireless and electric devices generate electromagnetic and radio frequency that is called electro-smog that includes these Bluetooth headsets. This has established its correlation with DNA damage, neurobiological diseases and behavioral disorders. There are examples of ear pressures, headaches, neurological symptoms and tinnitus that have resulted from the emission of electromagnetic rays. Bluetooth devices emit enough high frequency in this field to perfectly affect the tissues if kept close to our body. It has also been researched well to realize the conclusion that autism can be related to over exposure to these rays.

While Driving

While not recommended, it is technically legal to drive with a hands free bluetooth headset. It is not an uncommon scene to notice everyday that people are busy talking over their phones while driving. It is quite common that we have to attend a lot of important calls in risk of our lives, at times. Receiving a phone call also engages your hand, reducing efficiency in driving. A Bluetooth headset is better than receiving a hand call. It sets itself up on the head and can be easily operated without being distracted. Ideally one must stop the vehicle at the side of the pavement to attend to the calls or else usage of Bluetooth headsets is advisable.