Blue Tiger Pro Review

You might have tried so many headsets till now but you are still in search of the best. It happens! Actually, it is really difficult to find the best product out of a big competitive list available in the market. Those who are frequent callers or professional truck drivers may demand some of the set of features from a headset unit. Okay! This time you must go through the review of Blue Tiger Pro Bluetooth headset. Probably, you will find something really good below.

bluetiger pro bluetooth headset review

Incredible Features of Blue Tiger Pro Bluetooth Headset:

Many people have used Blue Tiger Pro Bluetooth headsets till now and they love to recommend it ahead of all friends and relatives because of its impressive sound delivery. These headphones are tested for difficult noisy situations but they delivered impressive sound quality; this is the major reason behind their top rating among all competitors in the market.

Blue Tiger Pro is designed with great noise cancellation feature that leads to the perfect sound mechanism. You will love its two connection points that can work simultaneously that means you can connect two phones at a time and there is no need to disconnect one while using another. The smart technology allows users to make direct calls without messing with unhooking. Further, the active call handling buttons allow easy switching between two calls by putting one on hold and answering the other one.

The headband size is perfect with the comfortable finish and it comes with manufacturer warranty so that buyers can feel safe about their purchase. How can we forget to talk about its impressive battery life? Indeed, it can serve you up to 20 hours without getting tired even with a single charge. And the standby time goes above 350 hours. This is probably the most awesome feature for a Bluetooth headset that every truck driver demands.


  • Blue Tiger Pro Bluetooth headset offers maximum talk time of around 20 hours.
  • The standby time goes as high as up to 350 hours.
  • Comes with multipoint connection options so that you can connect two phones at a time.
  • Advanced noise cancellation system makes it more suitable for professional truck drivers.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Attractive finish.
  • Loud and crystal clear sound delivery.
  • Low-cost solution.


  • Little Bulky unit.

The Bottom Line:

If you are a professional truck driver and your wife keep on complaining that she cannot hear you clear on phone then it is the right time to buy Blue Tiger Pro Bluetooth headphones. This headset is tested for loaded vehicles and it delivered awesome performance by beating all quality measures. People love it more because of its comfortable headband that allows them to use it for hours without even feeling tired. So, it is the right time to order Blue Tiger Pro headset online; probably this is the best idea to make your wife happy and let her talk for a long hour when she really miss you sitting alone at home.