12v Coolers: Igloo vs Coleman

The cooler market these days is dominated by two big names: Igloo and Coleman. Both these brands have attracted buyers with their cool features and attractive cooler designs. You might have gone through the reviews of the coolers offered by both these brands. But now the typical question is that when you have to make the decision to buy a cooler then which one you will prefer out of these two top rankers.

igloo vs colemanActually, there are so many features that are to be added into a comparison chart. The decision may appear quite difficult with the almost comparable performance of both these brands but there are few factors that can help you to make the decision to pick any one of these. To know the right answer about which one you should choose, keep reading the details below.

Igloo vs Coleman: Which one should you buy?

Coolers are designed to perform the action of cooling and no doubt that all of them whether they are from Igloo or Coleman, perform this action very well. As here we are talking about trucker friendly products that mean we need to check few essential features that truckers demand the most in their on-road accessories. However, both these companies claim that their products can keep ice solid for several days but when tested on practical grounds then Igloo coolers reached the maximum capacity with their ability to maintain cooling for a longer run. If you often move for long journeys then Igloo coolers can serve as your best companion by keeping beverages cool for the long run. The fact is that even when they are not connected to a power outlet, they can keep things cool for many hours. Many truckers have reported than Coleman cooler destroyed the 12Volt port of their vehicle.

coleman vs iglooThe second test was based on the portability as it is one of the major features for truckers. You might be aware of Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric cooler that is popular for its 8 feet long power cable. This cooler can be moved easily up to longer distance even when it is connected to the power unit. Also, the Igloo coolers are well known for their lightweight and compact designs so that they can sit well even in small space of vehicles. On the other side, Coleman coolers use to be large in size and they will demand more space in your vehicle.

The cooling action of Igloo coolers is based on advanced heat transfer technology that is considered to be safe for food products. Coleman coolers make huge noise with their heavy machinery but Igloo coolers can stay quite with their heat transfer based cooling action. Even if your beverages stay in this cooler for several hours or days, there is no need to worry about harmful chemicals as the cooling process of Igloo coolers is safe and trustworthy. The price range of coolers launched by both these brands are comparable and even you may find Coleman collections less pricey but when we talk about quality then it is good to trust upon Igloo. This one-time investment can ensure you long life service without causing any trouble.